Drimsim- The Must-Have Universal SIM Card For Travelers

As a traveller, the biggest challenge I face is is communication. As soon as I cross a border, I go dark until I get to a place with WIFI or buy a local network Simcard which is usually hard to adjust especially when the user guide comes in a foreign language. This is why when I heard of DRIMSIM, I thought it must be worth a try. Here is what excites me the most about this sim card. THERE IS NO MONTHLY OR ANY SUBSCRIPTION FEE WHATSOEVER! You simply by the card and use it like your Simcard and it will adapt to any network in the world, matching the price of all their services. Buy the card once and you are connected almost everywhere in the world.

Having a reliable method of communication and a stable internet connection is one of the most important things to ensure before visiting any foreign country. Not having these can cause harrowing problems and even lead to severe issues such as getting stranded.

One of the best travellers' tricks of ensuring proper communication facilities is getting an international universal SIM card from DRIMSIM.

Drimsim, the simcard for all travellers

DRIMSIM is a revolutionary telecom company that has solved the problem of proper communication while travelling with the introduction of the world's first multi-purpose universal SIM card. This article will help you understand some easy technicalities about Drimsim and decide if you need it or not. Here's a hint. You do!

You can slot in the Drimsim SIM card in any device that accepts SIM cards such as phones, tablets, and mobile hotspots. After doing this, you can enjoy roaming free communication anywhere in the world. The company achieves this remarkable feature by connecting with any local provider in a foreign country and letting its users access their network. To help you earn money too, Drimsim also has a fantastic affiliate program we will talk about later.

The Drimsim SIM card comes loaded with several features that will make your life as a traveller very convenient such as follows-

1. Enjoy Seamless Connection in 197 countries-

Drimsim works in almost every country in the world so you won't need to do extra work for your communication needs when abroad. There's no need to worry if the network will work or not. Drimsim works. You don't even have to do any extra setup, and there's no guide you have to follow. If you're planning on visiting East Africa, for example, Drimsim would come in handy.

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2. Roaming Free Communication- Using Drimsim, there is no longer any need to pay hefty roaming charges when moving from one country to another. Drimsim automatically connects you to a local provider, and the high rates of roaming are avoided. Along with avoiding high roaming costs, you will have freedom from having to purchase new SIM cards for every country you visit.

3. Works On Every Device- Seasoned travellers often have more than one device. With Drimsim, you can now connect your SIM card to a tablet, phone, or a mobile hotspot and there's no need to carry multiple SIM cards. The Drimsim SIM card works with any device.

4. Quick Worldwide Delivery- After ordering your Drimsim card, You will have to wait just around two weeks for it to be delivered to your doorstep. Such fast service is very convenient for travellers. Efficient and Rapid. It costs a user around 10 Euros as charges for the SIM card.

5. Drimsim Mobile App- You can download the Drimsim mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms. You can check your data usage, mobile balance, recharge conveniently, and also access support for quick troubleshooting if any problem arises.

6. Customized Phone Number- The Drimsim app has its phone number inbuilt. However, if you want the novelty of a customized phone number, you can do so. The only added cost to getting your personalized phone number is paying 10 Euro Cents for one minute just for incoming calls. The custom number works by making use of VoIP technology, and you need to download the apps for using it.

7. Reasonable and Affordable Fares- The fares charged by Drimsim are often comparable to the local rates of a country making it very affordable for frequent travellers. For example, Drimsim charges 1 Euro Cent per MB for many countries in Europe, Australia, and Hongkong while it charges 2 Euro Cents per MB in the United States.

Travel around the world with drimsim

8. No Monthly Subscription Fees and No fixed Fees-

Unlike other providers, DRIMSIM doesn't charge any fixed subscription fees for its facilities like the internet and messaging. You will never have any fear about your SIM connection being terminated just because you forgot to pay a bill while enjoying the beach. There are also no limitations on the number or volume of calls you can make. Unexpected hidden fees that might come up and spoil your trip abroad are also absent. The rates of Drimsim are also very reasonable, and there's no advance fee that you need to pay. Drimsim makes deals with local providers so that you get the best prices possible.

9. Total Convenience of Use- There is possibly a no more convenient way of staying connected than Drimsim. Since the card will already be with you on your journey abroad, you will not have to worry about the problem of finding a new place to buy SIM cards. You will also not have to worry about the associated excise and customs duties and tariffs too much. You can also quickly check relevant taxes on the mobile app whenever you need it.

10. Excellent Customer Support- Drimsim customer support is highly effective and efficient. The problems or issues you might have will be answered and seen in just a few moments of your request through the mobile app. Such undeniably pleasant and rapid service is something that should sell Drimsim immediately to you.

We have talked about a few of the common questions and problems of using Drimsim below-

How to Get Started Using Drimsim?

By now, you must be hyped on how to get started with this beautiful SIM card that solves all your travel communication problems. After receiving your Drimsim card within two weeks of placing your order, all you have to do is fill in a minimum balance of 25 Euros. Your charges will be made on this original 25 Euros that you added to the card.

Does Drimsim Have an Expiry Date?

DRIMSIM SIM cards do not have expiry dates as such. The card will be active for a year after purchase, and first top up and then will deduct half a Euro per month for the subsequent time to retain service. Just a single transaction such as a phone call, a message or going online once is enough to reactivate the SIM for another year.

Earn Money by Drimsim Affiliate Program-

Let's face it: Almost no one would turn down the opportunity to earn more money with minimal effort. You need to have a little idea about affiliate marketing to start making a lot of money in Drimsim commissions. This program is still in the initial stages. All you have to do is get into it quickly to reap enormous benefits for when the Drimsim affiliate program becomes big. DRIMSIM pays 5 Euros for every active SIM card that is bought via your link from their official website. This payment is regardless of how the customer uses this SIM later on.

How to join the Affiliate program?

To join DRIMSIM'S affiliate network, you have to become a Travelpayouts affiliate. Sign up with Drimsim in your Travelpayouts dashboard, and you'll be able to promote it. You can recommend it to your friends, promote it on Facebook and your blogs or try any other method of getting quick sales. If you're feeling tech-savvy, then you can also recommend Drimsim using targeted Facebook ads. Be aware that such a venture is risky, and you might lose your money. Your Travelpayouts dashboard will show you the number of commissions you have gathered. You can then receive your cash via many methods like PayPal, Webmoney, or direct bank transfers.

Who Needs Drimsim?

Aside from international tourists, some other people who would benefit from its many advantages are sailors and merchant navy seafarers. Drimsim is particularly advantageous to travel bloggers as such people can both use it easily and recommend it to other people following them on their blogs. This facility will help them earn a lot more extra money. People with wanderlust in their hearts will always enjoy Drimsim.

Drimsim, however, is not just for anyone and everyone. It is for people who travel between countries frequently. A person visiting the Middle East or Europe would enjoy Drimsim immensely as they might be crossing land borders often. In such situations, roaming costs too much and Drimsim would come in handy. Drimsim, however, is not practical for people who do not travel a lot or cross international borders frequently.

What Do Past Users Say About Using Drimsim?

From a sample of nearly a thousand reviews, Drimsim got mostly positive reviews from its many happy users. Analyzing these reviews, we can see that the most recent reports are very positive, with only a few negative reviews. There are negative reviews, but most of them are in the past. We can conclude from this that the service has been increasing in quality along with the increase in size.

DRIMSIM is the most advanced universal SIM card available in the world today, and you can use it in any country. Such convenience has always been a traveller's dream and has finally become a reality now. We can conclude by saying that Drimsim is an essential tool for the international traveller.

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