Paddle Surfing on the Nile

Standup paddle boarding also known as paddle surfing (SUP) is an engaging recreational activity that is quickly gaining popularity on the Nile in Jinja. Stand up paddle boards are built in the shape of surf boards and they come with a handle that propels the board through the water. Paddle boarding does not require special skills like the surf boards do nor do they require waves. The way to paddle correctly is to balance at the center of the board, hold the paddle or handle such that the blade is directed towards the nose of the board for easy gliding and surf away.

My first attempt at paddle boarding was a few weeks ago and I should say it was an exciting experience. A few friends and I went out looking for a relaxing group activity and the paddle boards were recommended. Compared to other water sports, paddle boating is quite easy and enjoyable. By the end of the two hours we paid for we could all balance up nicely on the boards.

Paddle Surfing on the Nile

In Jinja, the paddle boards can be hired at the Nile river Explores (NRE) in Bujagali for 15$ an hour and 5 additional dollars for each extra hour. The boards can also be hired on a weekly or monthly basis at affordable discounts. If you have been looking for a fun activity on the Nile to experience with your friends and family, this is it!

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